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Does Jesus still heal today, in modern times? Asked Mildred G. from Jupiter, Florida.

The day had come for Mildred to move her boxes of tax files back into the garage. They were heavy, but manageable with the cut-away handles, and she stacked them on the floor one-by-one. She’d have to lift each one above her head to slide them into their spots on the shelf, but she’d done it many times before and knew it would take no more than a little effort. As she pulled up the first box and shifted her body to raise it to the shelf, agony ripped through both shoulders, causing her to cry out in pain as she dropped the box full of files and papers. She immediately knew this was more than a muscle strain or spasm. She felt something rip.

During the next two months, she went to several doctors for tests which included an MRI that showed she had a greater than 50% tear in both rotator cuffs. The right was worse than the left. Her doctor scheduled surgery, assuring her there was no way they would repair themselves with time and physical therapy.

Between receiving the diagnosis and going in for the surgery, Mildred went to New Life Community Church, knowing that Pastor Damon and her church would pray for her to be healed. She had seen Jesus heal many others miraculously. Would He do the same for her?

Immediately after Mildred was prayed for, the pain was gone. She raised her arms and moved them in ways she could not have moved before. God answered prayer for her with a miracle.

It’s been months since the incident that tore both rotator cuffs so badly that the doctors felt surgery was her only way to recovery. Mildred never had the surgery and still has full range of pain-free motion in both arms, several months after Jesus healed her.